Monday, June 13, 2011

Hard-to-Find: Magnetic Nail Polishes

Okay, the novelty of shatter & crackle nail polishes has worn off, bring on the magnetic nail polishes already. L'Oreal's Star Polishes were gorgeous, but the line was never sold in the US. Their sister company Lancome also made some, but only one measly shade was sold in the US, limited edition to boot. Now some Ulta stores are carrying an Essence collection but they (as well as the sold-separately magnet) are selling out quickly. Comments welcome—please let me know when and where you've spotted these—any brand—in US stores


Carolyn said...

What does the "magnetic" part mean? Is metal stuff supposed to stick to your nails?

Jen said...

Thank you for being the first to comment on Great Lashing! In answer to your question, the magnets have designs on them, and the polish contains metallic particles. While each nail is still wet, you hold the magnet over the polish and the particles form the shape of the design.