Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet, Hot and Pink! nails inc. Shoreditch

Here's a bit of trivia: If you were one of the many people who had to read the book 1984 in high school English class, you may remember a reference to an old English nursery rhyme called “Oranges and Lemons.”   And if you have a really good memory you may remember that the poem refers to a church named Shoreditch.
All trivia aside, this is a sweet confection of a shade.  It's a hot, girly, summer-y pink. Of all the pinks in my collection, of which there are many, I have nothing that matches it.  Also it applies with a very glossy finish so a glossy topcoat is optional.

Discontinued Hall of Fame: Revlon Royal

This shade was from Revlon's Top Speed Fast Dry collection and I'm sorry to see it go. Cobalt blue shades with a jelly finish are pretty hard to come by—in fact, this is the only one I know of!

Fortunately it's still available on Amazon, and although I wasn't able to find it at Ulta or any of my favorite drugstore chains (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target) I did find a bottle at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Also try Big Lots or your local dollar store.