Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Sally Hansen Rent the Runway Nail Polish Strips

SH' newest limited edition collection is heavy on the florals and includes some hot picks for winter and some more delicate and springlike. My pick of the litter is Full Plume.


From left, the patterns are:

Don't Be Koi: Japanese-inspired whimsical, red and black on white. If you like fish print manis it's your lucky day!
Hide and Peek: Standard-issue transparent black lace. This one could be jazzed up if worn over vibrant stripes for a stained-glass effect.

Fl-roar-al: Red and purple flowers and a black leopard print against a white background. A little confusing—too much going on here.

Ruffled Feathers: Black feather print on a medium blue background. Looks more floral than feather-y to me, but still very pretty.

Full Plume: Black peacock print on emerald background. Like for the holidays.

Empress-ive: Delicate blue floral on white. Very sweet for spring.

Ama-zen: Black bonsai floral/leaf on non-metallic gold background. Another like for the holidays.

On the Prowl: Black zebra print on a gold glitter background. This is a good choice for a ten-year-old, in fact my niece would say it's purrrr-fect.  But as animal prints go I prefer Brattlesnake which is part of the regular collection (link).

See below for closeups.