Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Discontinued Hall of Fame: Maybelline Wet Shine

Before Maybelline's current lipstick/lipgloss hybrid (Color Sensational), there was Wet Shine. The lipsticks were sheer and glossy with a brilliant color selection. The nail colors were fun, youthful and funky. Both the lip and nail palettes had amped-up versions in the Wet Shine Diamonds line, and the seasonal colors were divine. Maybelline deserves a lashing for discontinuing this great collection.

I was especially fond of the lipstick shade Berry Wet, but as you can see from this picture of my remaining stockpile, I had other favorites as well.

Nail Colors from left: Burgundy Brocade, Golden Flamingo, Heirloom Red, Bubble Bath, Sparkling Champagne

Lipsticks from left: Loveshack, Brilliant Amethyst, Watermelon, Bee Stung, Berry Wet, Wine Shine, Strawberry Ice, Eternal Flame


stephanie gale said...

I like these too, and even have the Bubble Gum wet Shine myself! On to better ones, I hope, with less damaging chemicals perhaps?

Theresa Bruce said...

I am so bummed to hear these are discontinued. I have the Watermelon and was hoping to buy a couple new tubes because I use it every day and it's almost gone now. :(