Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hard-to-Find: Gel Blushes

Just a few years ago there was a wide variety of brands and shades of gel blushes to choose from. For some reason they've disappeared from shelves en masse. Brands that have discontinued them include:
  • Clinique
  • L'Oreal
  • Philosophy
  • Stila
  • MAC

I favor gel blushes, particularly the shimmer-free type in squeeze-tube containers, because I think the texture provides a more natural look than other forms such as powders and creams. Also they're not sticky like some cheek stains (Stila, Tarte).

If you're a gel blush fan like me there are still a few options. Origins offers three shades; Bonne Bell offers eight shades (some with shimmer) on their web site but not in US stores. 


Sheila said...


Carolyn said...

What happened to that brand that had a woman's name, maybe Italian-sounding? I think I got it at Lush Cosmetics.

Jen said...

@Sheila: Thank you! I love gel blushes too.

@Carolyn: I think you mean the Linda Cantello gel blush; that line has been discontinued.