Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Brand is History: Tony & Tina

Tony & Tina was founded in 1997 by a couple named Tony Gill and Cristina Bornstein. The line was partially inspired by Urban Decay and Hard Candy, but Tony and Tina's concept went beyond simply makeup. They described their products as “vibrational remedies” with herbal and color-based mood and health enhancing properties.

I sold this line back when I was a Sephora employee and I remember that its fanbase was drawn in not so much by the “therapeutic” properties as by the fun collection of glittery products. Among the bestsellers were an eye-safe loose glitter with an extensive selection of shades, glitter eye pencils, body shimmers and nail polish. My favorite product was Lash Dew, a bright blue gel-like gloss for eyelashes.

At the height of its popularity Tony & Tina did $10 million in annual sales. It sold in a number of luxury stores in the US, UK and Japan. Wella purchased a majority stake in 2002 then unceremoniously discontinued the brand in 2005.  

Here are a few pics of the line. If you were a fan, I'd love to hear your memories of Tony & Tina and what your favorite products were! Your photos are welcome as well.

Pencil Case Collection
All Star Gift Set

All Star Collection

Spring Nymph Eye Palette

Countertop Display
Cosmic Lights Gift Set

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Anonymous said...

The Tony&Tina eye glitter was my very first high-end makeup product. I'm pretty sure the shade was called higher love. It was a pink base with some reflect of green and silver. My older cousin gave it to me and I cherished it for years. I rocked the glitter eyes all through middle school, no regrets.